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Bring wife from Germany to the UK

I am asking on behalf of my brother. My brother is a British national. He brought his wife from Afghanistan to Germany where he has been living and working for the last 4 months. Now, he is planning ...
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Guaranteed rejection of citizenship application if non-dom status claimed on a previous Tier 2 work visa?

How does claiming a non-domiciled status by origin in the UK while on a Tier 2 work visa affect future naturalization application? Is rejection guaranteed due to past claim of non-domicile (and hence ...
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American long-term resident of UK retire to France

My husband and I are American citizens with permits to permanently reside in the UK. We have lived here since 2001 (my husband) and 2004 (myself). We wish to move to France for retirement. What ...
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EU citizen applying for British citizenship. Self employed and not sure how to prove it

What is the best proof of my self employed periods of work for Home Office? I have been self employed for 9 months out of five years that is needed for your employment history and am not sure what is ...
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Can you apply for UK citizenship while there on a tourist visa?

My son (7yo) has a right to British citizenship, but we need to be in the UK in the autumn/winter and I'm worried about applying and it not coming through in time. Can you apply for a visa and ...
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Apostilles on British Citizenship Paperwork

When applying for British Citizenship from abroad - what documents need to be apostilled? The guide doesn't mention any having to be.
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Non-English speaker as reference in UK Citizenship

I'm filling in the citizenship form for my son, and he needs two references and one has to have worked with him in a professional capacity. We currently live in Bolivia, which is where he is from. I ...
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Acquiring British citizenship

I was born in South Africa in 2007 and my mom was born in the UK before 1986. My mom and dad were never married and my mother has full custody of me. My dad was born in South Africa as well. Do I have ...
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Is it possible to attain British Citizenship while abroad?

I am an EU citizen and my company is based in the UK. I was sent abroad on a long term assignment for 1 year. There's a rumor however that I might stay longer here, but nothing is decided. I currently ...
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