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UK passport for Canadian [duplicate]

My father was born in the UK in 1944 to a British mother and Canadian father. In 1947 they moved to Canada, where I was born in 1975. Though he is now a Canadian citizen does my father's birth in ...
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Marrying a British citizen, visiting England and moving to Canary Islands

I am an American and will be married in the United States to a British Citizen. After our marriage we will be moving to the Canary Islands where he has lived for the past 15 years. Do I have to ...
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British citizenship with a British father and a Trinidad mother

How can I acquire British citizenship if my father is a British citizen? He resides in England, but I was born in the Caribbean in 1981. My parents were not married. Could you provide me with the ...
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Is my daughter British and can she get a British Passport

I am a British female, born in Wales 1960, now a US citizen 1999, my daughter was born in 1995 in the US. Does she have to register as a British citizen to get a passport or can she just apply? I ...
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Having an Australian pension paid to me now that I live in the UK

I am a UK national. I worked in Australia for nearly five years and paid into an Australian pension scheme with MLC. I di have p[ermanent residency status but I believe that this has now expired due ...
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How long does it take to get dual citizenship in the UK?

As I understand it, in order to get UK citizenship, you have to spend some time in the UK on other visas first, plus x days each year in the country. Assuming you have the right visas, and spend the ...
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Do children of UK citizen working for past 23 yrs in US with green card qualify for British citizenship?

American mother and UK father married and living in states for past 23 years. now would like children to have dual citizenship... Do they qualify for British Citizenship, and what is the appropriate ...
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Any exemption on the grounds of age for obtaining British Nationality?

I have been living in the UK for the past 25 years on an ILR. I am over 80 years of age and would now like to acquire British nationality but no longer have the mental retention to complete the ...
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