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People ordinarily residing in USA, whether or not nationals of the country.

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Is there any point in keeping one's old EADs (Employment Authorization Documents)?

I wonder whether there's any point in keeping one's old EADs (Employment Authorization Documents). May I need it in some later processes or can I discard them?
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If a resident alien sues a US private/cooperative firm of US will it impact his immigration status?

If someone is in resident alien status on F1-visa (STEM-OPT), can they sue a credit union registered in the USA? Will this have any negative impact on their immigration record? Please feel free to ask ...
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Does a 6013(g) election subject one to FATCA requirements?

Consider a non-US citizen who is married to a US citizen. The non-US citizen is not a US resident for income tax purposes, but the couple have elected under section 6013(g) of the Internal Revenue ...
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Canadian citizen living in US as resident alien; possible to work 7mo/yr in US and 5mo/yr in Canada?

I'm currently a Canadian citizen working for a US company as a resident alien on a TN Visa. According to the definition of work from here:
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When does one become a permanent resident from the N-400 standpoint?

Looking at the N-400 Application for Naturalization Form, I read on (mirror): You may file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, 90 ...
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How do I know whether I am registered in the worldwide registry of French citizens established outside France?

I am a French citizen, permanent resident in the United States and currently in Thailand, where I'd like to renew my passport because some airlines require it to be in pristine condition. I read on ...