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Questions regarding emigrating from, immigrating to and living in the United States of America

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Bringing or shipping all my stuff

When one wants to move across the Atlantic, from France to the US, what is authorized and what are the options to bring in a lot of stuff? I am not talking about furniture but about large suitcases. ...
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How can I get a US Greencard through the Diversity Visa Program?

How can I win a resident visa through the Greencard Lottery? Should I go to a US Embassy or can I apply online?
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My US passport is out of pages for visa stamps, what can I do when out of my home country?

I've been continuously renewing a short term tourist visa while going through the process of permanent residence for the last few years, which has resulted in the consumption of all available space in ...
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Can I lose my US citizenship for accepting employment with a foreign government?

In my US passport, there's a section entitled "Important Information" located just before the visa pages. Item number 13 deals with circumstances in which one might lose their US citizenship (emphasis ...
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Language Immersion courses in the USA

From people who have been put the through the Language Immersion Courses it helps greatly in learning the foreign language including particular dialects if needed. From my dealing with recent ...
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How to build credit history in the USA?

What are the ways in which a new immigrant can begin building credit history in the United States of America ?
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How to make new immigrants culturally sensitive to the American way?

In the USA, I have worked with a lot of people from Asian countries. Most of them somehow assume, amongst many other things, that most American societies encourage free sex. What are some of the ways ...
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Transportation in San Francisco

I expect to live in San Francisco but I have no clue if a car is necessary or if I can rely on public transportation system if there is any. I plan to move in the city and in the Valley on a daily ...
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Is earning $4000/month before tax enough to cover common expenses in Indiana, US? [closed]

I had a job offer and I'm considering relocation, but I don't know how much the taxes are and how expensive it is to live there. The job is as a visiting researcher for a university, and it would be ...
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Are H4 visa holders allowed to do remote intellectual work?

I know that immigrants to the United States holding a H4 visa are not allowed to work. But there is a grey area that I could never find a satisfactory answer to: what if a H4 holder works remotely, ...
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What is a credit history and why should I care?

I just read a question on having credit history in the UK. The credit-history phenomenon has puzzled me for some time. Similar to people considering it a good thing to have many credit cards. What ...
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Can a driving license obtained abroad be transferred upon return?

If a French citizen is living temporarily in the USA (J1 visa) and obtains their first ever driving license there, can they transfer it after returning to France, or will they have to pass through a ...
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Working as contractor in USA as foreign citizen (EU)

I'm an EU-Citizen and I'd like to consider opportunity of working in USA as IT-specialist (developer). If I find an opportunity to work there as contractor (freelancer), can I simply register my ...
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Can you travel to the US on a ESTA to negotiate future work or collaborate as a freelancer?

I might have the opportunity to do some contract work as a contractor in the US. My fiscal advisor already told me that I am fully taxable in my home country. I will do all the work from home. In case ...
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How to lease a car in the USA just after relocation?

Usually leasing requires you to have a credit history in US and establishing it takes at least a year. What options you have to lease the car without credit history in US but having employment here (...
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