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4 answers

Changing jobs after 6 months as a Blue Card holder

I have been working in Germany for 6 months as a software developer with my blue card. The company's name is not written on the card, but it is written on an extra paper that came with the card. I ...
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3 answers

In Germany, is lunch included in an 8 hour shift?

I've recently moved to Germany and I am used to having unpaid lunch time; so I've been coming in at 8am; 1 hour lunch and leaving at 17 (5pm). But I've noticed some people here who, when they come ...
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2 answers

If I live in Sweden but work in Norway, how and where can I get health care?

I am a Norwegian citizen. My work is in Norway, but very near the Swedish border. So, I could live in Sweden, and commute across the border every day to work in Norway. I would, of course, register as ...
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Doing freelance work in France--permission needed?

I currently live in France and have a residence card (spouse of EU citizen) that mentions that I am allowed to work. I am currently working part-time for an employer. In addition to my current job, ...
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Can non-American students enrolled in a US university but attending only online courses (COVID) do a summer 2021 internship in the US via CPT or OPT?

I'm reading on (mirror) that the US government has the bright idea to refuse ...
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Can a US citizen work remotely for a Canadian company? What are the legal, tax and immigration standards?

I am a US citizen, in the process of applying for a Canadian residence visa (I plan to move to Canada). Having a job offer in hand during the application process definitely would help my chances of ...
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Living in country A and working for country B: Do I need a work permit in country A or will just nobody care?

Let's assume I live in Germany and I am registered there. But I have no right to work for whatever reason, e.g. I am on a student visa, I am a spouse on a dependent visa, I maybe a registered refugee, ...
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