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Questions regarding emigrating from, immigrating to and living in the French Republic

of visa technically does not allow you to renew it in France. Only VLS-TS visas can be renewed in France (in theory). Prefectures sometimes accept applications (on a discretionary basis) but they … try to get what they call a "visa de retour préfectoral" (see here, in French: https://www.demarches.interieur.gouv.fr/particuliers/comment-revenir-france-sorti-espace-schengen) but I heard that they …
answered Apr 18 by ar5975
right to stay in France for as long as you are entitled to unemployment benefits (I'm looking for a link to this, and I will edit my answer once I find it). Regarding your questions: How long … can I remain in France after my after my titre de séjour and récépissé have ended? Technically, once your tds and récépissé have expired and you did not undergo a process for extension/renewal …
answered Oct 26 '18 by ar5975
I will try my best to answer your question: The European blue card in France is linked to the multi-year resident permit (the "titre de séjour pluriannuel") called the "passeport talent" (see … allows you to stay in France (this is according to some posts on the website of an association that helps foreigners called "Assouevam"). The entitlement to unemployment benefits allow you to renew your …
answered Nov 14 '18 by ar5975
while the latter is what you get to reside past the initial validity of the visa. France issues an initial long-stay visa valid as a titre de séjour (the acronym is vls-ts) valid for 1 year for those …
answered Oct 19 '18 by ar5975
Not in France. There are three ways you could try to find out (and even then they might not give you any information): call, email or go back in person. You would normally get a text message when …
answered Oct 12 by ar5975
this (US license -> German license -> French license): Ohio>Arizona>Germany>France driver's license conversion? Sources: https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/vehicles/driving-licence/driving-licence …
answered Jan 11 by ar5975
guarantor because s/he is not French or doesn't live in France. Here is what the law states (article 22-1 of the law regarding rentals, modified by the latest version called the "loi Alur … being equal between 10 different applications, they would take the easy path. And the legal process to force them to accept would last longer than the 6 months that your girlfriend will be in France (and …
answered Jan 18 by ar5975