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Can a person get Social Security benefits who worked in the USA for 14 years but is an Indian citizen and reside in India?

The Social Security Administration FAQs indicate that benefits claims are initiated from within the US. Can noncitizens living outside the United States receive Social Security benefits? In ...
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Spouse without marriage in Denmark

Denmark has a State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme (SU). It provides funds to Danish citizens for post-secondary education. Denmark further has a scheme that allows non-citizens with certain ...
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Can a K-1/Pending LPR receive discounted (copay) healthcare? (USA)

There are several issues here. I know I cannot receive certain government money such as Medicaid. First, it is not true that you cannot receive Medicaid. Nothing legally prevents you from ...
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Maternity and child benefits for baby born outside Ireland

Just to add to the answer by @Andrey: If your child is born in Ireland they will become Irish citizen at birth automatically, you just need to get the paperwork sorted (you will need to provide proof ...
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