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I live here and never heard of that... But well, looking around for a bit, is not really an established amount. You just need to proof you could survive here on your monthly income (or savings). This site (go down to "Retirement Visa") tells is about $1000 per person. But really, it depends. If you try to live in Santiago, life expenses are higher. Even, ...


As she will accompany when you relocate to Chile, she has several advantages, a visa status that enables her to remain long term, Spanish language proficiency, and educational and licensure documentation that don’t require translation. Her credentials will need to be legalized and might be more easily accomplished once you’re in Chile, rather than in ...


As suggested in the comment to your question, the first place to go is a bank, and ask them "Can I open an account in USD please?". The answer might vary, depending on the banking regulations, but they WILL have an answer for you. (As an aside, some countries are more strict than others regarding the opening of bank accounts. Where I live you can only ...


For electronics, give it a try to MCI (, Victronics ( or for more basic stuff Casa Royal.

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