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Exchanging a substantial amount of Euros into US dollars

You can read about opening an USA account as a tourist here. To summarize, you need to be present personally, not every branch will do it, you will need your original passport and visa but .nl doesn't ...
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Best way to take money from USA to Italy

It rather depends on how much money you have: $100 Withdraw the money as Euro notes and close the account $1,000 Transfer the money into a prepaid Euro account and close the account $10,100 to $...
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When UKBA say exchange rate for savings of £62500 has to match the amount in £ on the date of the application...what does it mean?

Under the Immigration Rules, in order to qualify for any family settlement visa (spouse, fiance, family dependent etc.), you must meet the financial requirements – by earning above the Income ...
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Working abroad, get paid in USD or GBP?

There are probably no less than a dozen different banks that will allow you to open an account today and be happy that you are making regular deposits into that account, all without ever charging you ...
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