This year's lottery application period has been closed. India (the place where you've been born) was an excluded country for this year, so you couldn't have applied even if you were on time. Citizenship is of no consequences, it is where you were born that matters. In some cases - you can use different country from where you were born, but these are very ...


As Franck writes, Iranian citizens are eligible for student visas even with the restrictions on most visas currently in effect for Iranians. However, as you say you are also a Danish citizen, you will probably find the process smoother if you apply with your Danish passport. According to the DHS FAQ (question #22), dual citizens traveling on their non-...


Iranian citizens can study in the US, typically via an F1 visa. See https://ir.usembassy.gov/visas/faqs/ for more information. The most frequent process is 1) apply to US school 2) upon acceptance, their international student office will guide you, as you need some document from them to apply for an F1 visa.

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