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I made a mistake in choosing the type of visa I applied to and it causes to the risk of being banned from the UK

You initially posted in Travel wanting to know the options available to you. You were referred to Expats (here) because among the options available to you are the EEA/EU and UK family formation/family ...
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I have Residence Permit (Tier 2) from my former employer. I left UK and want to visit UK as a tourist

Your intentions for entering the UK should (by law) always match your visa type. So you will need to apply for visitor's visa.
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Misrepresentation UK Spouse Visa

This is a very complicated case. I think you should get a qualified experienced immigration attorney to help you sort this out. My own advice would be that you are proactive and also contact the Home ...
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Would not mentioning my boyfriend in my tier 4 application be seen as deception by UK immigration?

As commented by @Dennis The generic rules when dealing with immigration are (i) answer any questions you are asked directly and truthfully, and (ii) don't answer questions you aren't being asked (...
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UK visa refused under 320(7A) (deception) in 2009. Am I banned for 10 years?

You do not have a ban: paragraph 320 7a does not attract a ban, as acknowledged expert on the subject @GayotFow commented when you first asked on sister-site Travel Stack Exchange. That said, a UK ...
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