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Denied entry to the UK two years ago - will this affect my Student Visa application?

Since nobody with more knowledge has answered: You were apparently honest about what you intended to do, but did not realize it was not permitted. That means you have not damaged your credibility. If ...
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Will I be able to enter other country again?

If you haven't forgotten or misunderstood anything, I don't see any reason to worry. In actual fact, even entry denials are not recorded or shared across EU countries. You would get a stamp in your ...
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Travelling for work and refused entry to Germany

@jarnbjo already provided a detailed explanation on what happened, with additional details in comments. But as far as what you can do now, the answer is quite simple: You need to return to the country ...
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Misrepresentation UK Spouse Visa

This is a very complicated case. I think you should get a qualified experienced immigration attorney to help you sort this out. My own advice would be that you are proactive and also contact the Home ...
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Travelling for work and refused entry to Germany

The last page you uploaded, starting with "Rechtsbehelfsbelehrung" has a blank field for your signature to the left of the officer's signature. Did you sign here on the copy retained by the ...
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Have I been refused entry into the Federal Republic of Germany?

When you move, you are required to report your new address to the registry office. In some areas the registry office will report your new address to the immigration office, in others you must do this ...
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