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Drivers licenses are issued to residents of a country, or US state, or Canadian province, or whatever entity or political subdivision is doing the issuing. Issuance requires proof of residence. The same reasoning applies to renewal: residents only. While some US states allow by-mail or online renewal (New York state comes to mind), the licensee must ...


The answer to your question will change depending on how you respond to @Relaxed's comment above. If the license was obtained by passing the Czech license test, then no need to exchange (based on the links below) If the license was obtained by exchanging a Bolivian license for a Czech license, then there might be a need to pass the test in France. This is ...


I see no reason it should be suspended. You should in fact be able to exchange it for a French license, for free. The clause she signed is probably slightly different: In the EU, you are not allowed to pass the test outside of your country of residence. In particular, you are not supposed to go shop for an “easy“ state to pass the test or circumvent a ...


An expired original driver's license is going to be of zero help to you. A, current, valid driver's license is needed in order to get your foreign license off of your originals merits.

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