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Health insurance after getting Hungarian birth certificate

The EU/EEA has a coordination system for social security (which includes national health insurance). One of the fundamental rules of this system is that you are always subject to exactly one national ...
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Acquiring Health Insurance (Moving to Sweden, living in US, dual citizen of US and Finland)

An updated answer for future readers: Private individuals cannot seek insurance through Kammarkollegiet, it seems. Organizations such as universities can, and if you are a tuition-paying student will ...
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Health Insurance dual UK and Canadian Citizen long term stay in France

You have to be covered by an EU health scheme to get an EHIC. Because you are not a resident of the UK, you are not eligible for the NHS. You might buy insurance in France, though, while you are ...
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Confusion about EHIC for a student in the UK

Unfortunately it is quite common that NHS staff is wrong in whether you are insured or not, and they prefer taking money upfront in these cases. The main confusion in your case is that while NHS ...
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UK + Dutch Citizen - EHIC card rights in Germany

Your concern is well-founded. You need to be affiliated to the statutory healthcare system in another EU member state to be covered by the EHIC system. This means that citizenship as such is ...
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Insurance coverage when staying in Switzerland during Corona pandemic as Swiss national with residency in the UK

A general answer to this question will not be possible, since there are factors that are dependent on the individual countries (Switzerland and United Kingdom). In general the EHIC is intended for ...
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EHIC eligibility for dual national (British/German)

The official website of the European Commission states that: To be eligible for a card, you must be insured by or covered by a state social security system in any Member State of the European Union,...
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Health insurance for German citizen student without EHIC

You can't. German health insurance requires you to have a residence in Germany. If you are a student in the Netherlands and not a resident in Germany, you must get health insurance in the Netherlands.
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