It is possible to bring a TV (and probably similar larger electronic devices) to electronics chains (e.g. Edi-On) for recycling. The only questions I was asked at the counter was whether I had a point card and then my address. Online, they post prices a customer has to pay to bring a TV in for recycling. However, to my surprise I was not charged. I wonder if ...


Electrical wiring in a typical UK home is different from Continental Europe. Electrical outlets (sockets) are on a ring final circuit and normally rated at 13 A each. Instead of fuses for individual outlets or groups of outlets, in a fuse box (consumer unit), every plug is fused. Every appliance made for the UK market contains a fuse of max 13 A in the plug. ...


I recently purchased several from Dinic. I've purchased from the same firm before for other adapters, so I have a small collection now, and they're all quite sturdy with excellent tolerances, and yes, grounded. About 5€ each, before shipping; also on Amazon

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