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What is the best route for a dual EU/UK national to work remotely in Spain?

All options will require me to apply for residency and work permits, as far as I understand. Spain can (and as far as I'm aware does) require EU citizens to register, but their right to work in Spain ...
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Non-EU American living and traveling in Europe with dual American-EU spouse and children

My understanding is that I will need to apply, in Spain, for a residency card after 3 months. I will then be permitted to remain in Europe for the remainder of our trip and freely travel around Europe ...
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Where to find IT freelancers, willing to relocate to join security cleared projects at EU agencies?

I’m going to go with “no”. Please read the Tour and Help pages to see which kind of questions are appropriate for this site. There are sites aplenty for posting job ads - I suggest that you use those. ...
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