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I am in the process of applying for a European Blue Card for working in the IT sector in Paris. Here are the conditions: 1) You must have a Diploma leading to at least 3 years of higher education. 2) You must have a contract of employment equal to or greater than 12 months justifying a minimum annual remuneration of 54K


You have been issued a D-Visa for Blue Card §9a AufenthG with permission, as a foreigner, to work §39 AufenthG with a specialized qualification §2 BeschV The following steps are needed before you start working Accommodation and Registration Registration at the Foreigners Office Becoming am member of a Health insurance company (Krankenkasse) ...


VBL is what is called a Betriebliche Altersversorgung of the Öffentlicher Dienst (Public service), so those basic rules apply part of my salary goes to VBL This is not quite correct you will not find any reductions from your gross salary The employer pays in the monthly contribution on top of the gross salary I am unlikely to stay at the ...

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