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Non-EU spouse married to EU citizen who isn't working (Germany, Switzerland)

germany My question is, what are the possibilities and requirements for the non-EU citizen to be the single income earner if the EU citizen does not choose to look for work? This is covered in §2(2)(...
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How private is the nature of German funerals? How welcomed are uninvited people?

It’s ok to attend with a good reason, for example for the father of a close friend. Especially if the close friend is there. I’d expect that family and friends of the father would be invited, but ...
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I am a gay Egyptian who got a job offer in Germany and want to bring my Egyptian boyfriend with me

One general point about the EU: for reasons of non-discrimination of same-sex partnerships, whenever I say "marriage" in the following paragraphs, Germany (and probably every other EU ...
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Statement of comparability with "formally" equivalent - For Blue card

I haven't found anything about a difference between “entspricht” and “entspricht formal” anywhere. Both mean that the degree is similar in terms of where it fits in the education system (it's a ...
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