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How to update residential addresses registered with SCHUFA?

AFAIK, when you register yourself (and people that lives with you) in the Town Hall of your neighbourhood, the Finanzamt is also updated, and this last one has some partnership with SCHUFA. So SCHUFA ...
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Statement of comparability with "formally" equivalent - For Blue card

I haven't found anything about a difference between “entspricht” and “entspricht formal” anywhere. Both mean that the degree is similar in terms of where it fits in the education system (it's a ...
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Working in Germany for U.S Company with German subsidiary

I am assuming be "relocate" you mean you will stay in Germany a long time, not just a month or two. Your only legit option is to transfer to the German branch and be employed and paid by ...
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Blue card employer change within six-seven months

According to a permit from the competent immigration authority is required for ...
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I am a gay Egyptian who got a job offer in Germany and want to bring my Egyptian boyfriend with me

One general point about the EU: for reasons of non-discrimination of same-sex partnerships, whenever I say "marriage" in the following paragraphs, Germany (and probably every other EU ...
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How private is the nature of German funerals? How welcomed are uninvited people?

It’s ok to attend with a good reason, for example for the father of a close friend. Especially if the close friend is there. I’d expect that family and friends of the father would be invited, but ...
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Non-EU spouse married to EU citizen who isn't working (Germany, Switzerland)

germany My question is, what are the possibilities and requirements for the non-EU citizen to be the single income earner if the EU citizen does not choose to look for work? This is covered in §2(2)(...
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