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Are Turkey's customs fees for international mail high?

This is absolutely normal. Every country has a maximum amount allowed to be received in a country without the customs duty. The amount you have listed obviously exceeded that amount. And when you ...
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Importing used car form India to Australia

Sorry: since you've owned your car for less than year, it cannot be imported to Australia. Even if the car was more than a year old, while importing might be possible in theory, it is highly unlikely ...
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Reverse incomplete car importation before car is registered and ownership is transferred

After a bunch of phone calls, a visit to the DMV, and another bunch of phone calls here is what I got: 1) US-CBP (none importation/exportation expert): you need ITN and AES and you gotta export the ...
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Australian immigration long-stay 457 visa - do we need to pay tax on our engagement ring?

Declare it, but it's fairly obvious it's a personal item and is not to be sold. 457 isn't PR, so in theory you'll be leaving again with it. Much like if you bring an expensive laptop or camera.
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Importing used car from Italy, how to get export plates

I asked the dealer in Italy the other day, who contacted the agency through which they do the registrations. Turns out EE plates have been abolished some time ago. Therefore the only options are: If ...
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Taxes when importing a new car from Spain into France

It sounds about right. Beside VAT, you may also have to pay the “environmental surcharge” (“malus sur les véhicules les plus polluants”) depending on CO2 emissions. The system is designed to work that ...
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VAT on imported personal effects in Spain

Here is what I now know. If relocating to Spain, having been outside Spain for > 12 months. VAT (IVA) should be waived. The issue I have is that Customs (aduana) are asking for proof by way of a "...
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What are the laws and the tax regulation when importing goods into Spain

Spain is part of the European Union. There can be some minutes differences in procedures and interpretation but broadly speaking, it means that: You can import just about anything for your personal ...
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Drive American car with American plates go the UK

The information on the UK government web site you linked seems clear to me. I suspect you have simply misread it. The relevant part appears to be: Customs relief for non-EU vehicles You may ...
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Driving/Importing a Gibraltar-registered car in the UK

This UK govt page describes the steps to be taken to import a vehicle into the UK. Here's the text from that page: How to import a vehicle You must complete certain steps as soon as you bring a ...
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Bringing diamond jewellery to Canada

As far as I know there is a 12% of everything more than CAN$60 (eq CAN$2512,8 in your case) if it wasn't originaly moved from Canada before (has Canadian origin). But even in case it was from Canada ...
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