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One option you can pursue is to change your nonimmigrant status to that of a B-2 visitor so you can stay in the US to await the child's OCI document.


You are right. Getting the OCI can take time and it can be rejected for mistakes in documentations. There are two ways to go here. Change your non-immigrant status to B-2 or any other visa so that you won't be out of status and stay in the USA. Wait for the OCI to arrive. Apply for the X visa for your child in the USA, which is given to foreigners who have ...


The requirement is that the passport needs to be valid until 6 months after the date of departure (or, for passports from countries in the 6-month club, the passport needs to be valid until the date of departure). The actual effect of this requirement is that: If your passport is not from a country in the 6-month club, your passport must be valid for at ...


If you do not wish to leave the US and re-enter, the alternative is to apply for L2 Extension of Status by filing form I-539. It costs $455 and takes several months to approve. I am not sure whether you can apply for an L2 EAD renewal along with the Extension of Status.

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