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This is probably the point where you should get some legal advice. Prepare a letter stating all the facts including all available original documentation. This letter should be as detailed as possible (dates, times, names and places) as far as you can reliably remember them. You attempted to leave the country within the 90 days. After passing through ...


That's a tough one, seems like there is a book but I couldn't find online anyone selling it. I found this site that teaches in English. This is the official question bank but it doesn't load for me, try an older snapshot at the web archive site Finally you can find more information at kolzchut Good luck !


tl;dr: Look for "מי חמצן". This compound - whose formula is H2O2 - has a specific Hebrew name; or rather, two such names. Unofficially and commonly, it's known as מי חמצן. Translated, that's "Oxygen Water", and transliterated: "Mei Hamtzan". The official chemical name is מימן על-חמצני (Hebrew Wikipedia). Pharmacies/"pharm" stores typically stock it, and ...

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