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From which age are Israeli citizens returning to Israel exempt from service in the army?

The key word here is "ben mehagrim" status. This status is obtained by Israeli citizens who fulfill the following conditions: A “ben mehagrim” is a person whom the Army classifies as child of ...
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How to get a "lack of criminal record" certificate from an Israeli consulate?

I've completed the process so now I can post my own answer. First, you have to go to the local Israeli embassy/consulate and apply for an "absence of criminal records" certificate. To apply ...
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What is the US foreign tax identifying number (TIN) for Israelis?

For Israeli citizens, the TIN is the Israeli ID number; that's why you've never heard of such a number - there is no different, special number for tax purposes, there's just your ID. For reference, ...
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Would an Israeli national be able to claim refugee status if they were already abroad when the latest war started?

eu In the EU, they would be able to make the claim and have it evaluated. A negative decision could then be appealed in court. Note that there are currently many migrants in Europe whose claim for ...
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Getting a US B-1 visa - here in the Netherlands or back in Israel/Palestine?

In general, it's best to apply at the consulate in whose jurisdiction you reside. The US embassy in Tel Aviv, for example, is likely to be unfamiliar with the circumstances of Dutch residents, so ...
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