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Is a PTE Home B1 test sufficient for a UK Skilled Worker visa application?

However, the first statement appears on a site not specific to the a Skilled Worker visa, and could as well mean that some visa types allow a PTE Home test (e.g. spouse visa require only PTE Home A1). ...
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Which German language test would be more recognized as demonstrating "command of the language" when applying for the blue card/permanent residency?

I'm afraid the only valid answer is to see your Ausländerbehörde and ask them. From my experience, they will accept all kinds of certificates, because they will run their own simple test even if you ...
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Which German language test would be more recognized as demonstrating "command of the language" when applying for the blue card/permanent residency?

2019 Update: The Bundestag made a clarification in August 2018, in which they explicitly stated that a level of B1 suffices for the "ausreichende Kenntnisse derdeutschen Sprache" specified in § 10 Abs....
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Cerebral palsy and IELTS

I don’t have personal experience to draw on, however the IELTS website states that its test centres have a number of ways to help test takers with special requirements. For example, you can request a ...
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Is Civic Integration exam needed for (non-EU) wife of Italian citizen to join him in the Netherlands?

Your understanding is correct, there are two routes and your wife would in fact receive a different document in each case, with the EU citizen family member status usually more advantageous in several ...
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IELTS test result - Does the UK need the original, and is it returned?

Yes, they need the original, and yes, it is returned.
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To what CEFR does SFI correspond?

According to The Swedish Teacher, SFI course A corresponds to CEFR level A1, SFI course B corresponds to CEFR level A1/A2, SFI course C corresponds to CEFR level A2/A2 +, SFI course D corresponds to ...
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IELTS, TEF for express entry Canada. Where to take them.. could be anywhere I like?

Organisations like IDP and BritishCouncil conduct exams for IELTS General and Academic. IELTS test results from these two organisations are globally accepted.
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How is Korean language proficiency evaluated for the F-2 (resident) visa?

As of the time of this answer (05/01/2020), the language points are computed using the maximum between the TOPIK level the KIIP language level Source: phone call to the Immigration helpline 1345.
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UKVI language requirement for tier 2 visa

For future seekers, After April 2015, only IELTS for UKVI is accepted for Tier-2 visa. So if you have a normal IELTS TRF you should sit for an IELTS for UKVI even if you have already taken a test in ...
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School system in Germany?

There are 16 school systems, the number of federal states (Bundesland, pl. Bundesländer). Each state has a Department of Education, traditionally called Kultusministerium but subsequently rebranded as ...
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UK Tier 2 visa - NARIC

According to the NARIC FAQs https://www.naric.org.uk/naric/Individuals/FAQs.aspx assessments are provided by mail. Receipt by email is not listed under ‘Delivery options’ https://www.naric.org.uk/...
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UK citizenship language requirements

The UK guidance sets forth those do not need to prove their knowledge of English for citizenship (and setting): Who doesn't need to prove their knowledge of English You don’t need to prove ...
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Italian citizenship

I assume it is too late for this but anyway, as EU citizen the only requirement is 4 year residence. There is no formal requirement for Italian knowledge, but all the documentation and the forms to ...
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What if someone is unable to pass the computerized speech test?

I think you'll find the answer currently is in the article - it counts (for now) as a fail. This is disappointing and will (if true - the article implies that's just her theory) surely affect a lot ...
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Which German language test would be more recognized as demonstrating "command of the language" when applying for the blue card/permanent residency?

2020/2021 Update: in my case, in Baden-Württemberg, Ausländerbehörde had explictly noted that I need B1 certificate from Telc, Goethe- Institut or TestDaf. Es muss sich bei dem B1 Zertifikat, um das ...
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Query on point system of Express entry Canada

CIC has a tool to calculate the points that you get for your language test: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/language-tool.asp
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