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How can I tell whether a Chinese person is putting their family name or given name first?

The most common type of Chinese name uses one character or syllable for the family name and two characters or syllables for the given name. E.g. MAO Zedong, ZHOU Enlai and XI Jinping. If this applied ...
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Query regarding surnames and UK Visa applications

This is not a problem. The relevant questions from the Family Settlement Application Form are: 1.2 Family name (as shown in your passport) 1.3 Other names (including any other names you are known by ...
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Should my French first names be separated with commas or just spaces when used in the USA? Or should I simply use my first first name only?

In most administrative forms, you will see a field for "middle name". That's where you'd put your second and third given names, separated by spaces. For non-governmental business, eg bank, phone ...
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Will US Embassy verify identity with and without middle name?

You may be able to get by with having a statement that confirms that both names are yours and have the embassy notarize the statement. Although they're not usually notarized, this type of statement ...
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Family name "nightmare" between Canada and France

It actually seems to be simpler than you expect. There's a distinction between nom de famille and nom d'usage according to the above link. ...
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Does the name on a Canadian citizenship card define one's full legal name?

Vital statistics and civil rights, including the name(s) used in the exercise thereof, in general are regulated by each province. No province keeps a register of residents like many other countries do ...
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How can I tell whether a Chinese person is putting their family name or given name first?

I always write my family name first, but in capital letters. This way it should be pretty clear to people that is my surname. Otherwise there's simply no reliable way to tell. One-character names are ...
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Having two different names in two countries - complications for birth certificate?

Which might mean I can't request italian citizenship for my son? It shouldn't mean that. You're still you, after all. You should have a paper trail connecting your identity with your Italian name ...
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Is it possible to change your name while applying for a Green Card in the US?

Or change it as soon as getting the Green Card? Yes, see Federal law does allow permanent residents to change their names. For those with ...
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What problems can having 2 passports with 2 different first names cause?

I have two passports. My name is shown identically in both. But my second name is long and complicated -- it is a single name comprising three words, and, if you count spaces, my full name requires ...
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Under what product names is Hydrogen Peroxide marketed in Israel?

tl;dr: Look for "מי חמצן". This compound - whose formula is H2O2 - has a specific Hebrew name; or rather, two such names. Unofficially and commonly, it's known as מי חמצן. Translated, that's "Oxygen ...
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Family name "nightmare" between Canada and France

I'm not sure what your name is in France, but why not try to legally change it to "Y X"? (Or "X"; it's not entirely clear to me which one you'd prefer.) Per Changement de nom de famille pour motif ...
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Changing name in country of residency but not in country of birth

Note: Assuming your wife is a Polish citizen. Things might be more complicated in case of dual citizenship. This is something that should be handled by the Polish embassy in your country of residence,...
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Can I travel with a BRP on a maiden name?

Your old Biometric permit is still valid. Applying for a new one does invalidate the old one. Also, there is nothing that I can find in the immigration rules that states that the name in your passport ...
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Are there countries that allow a foreigner to change their name through their laws while in that country, without PR Status?

In the UK you don't need to do anything to change your name, just start calling yourself something different, but institutions usually require to use a Deed Poll to have something officially looking ...
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How do I enter my full name (with multiple given names) on a US form?

I am American and have three first names. At the DMV where you could get an identification card or driver's license, they made me record my first first name as my first name, my second first name as a ...
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