An NIN may or may not be important for an EEA family permit or a residence card, depending on the circumstances. In any any event, an NIN does not show that the person with the NIN is exercising treaty rights. For example, someone could have an NIN and then move outside the UK. They still have the NIN, but they're not exercising treaty rights. Similarly, ...


No, absolutely not. It is never possible (outside of a few narrow cases such as asylum seekers, and other exceptional situations) to switch from being a visitor to the UK to any other status. All applications for residence must be made from outside the UK.


Your child can become either Pakistani or Indian. You will have to get the birth registered at the Pakistani/Indian embassy in the UAE. Whatever you choose, he/she will not be able an OCI (no such thing as a PIO anymore) or POC. If your child becomes Indian, he/she will have the option to choose to become Pakistani when he/she turns 21. It might be ...

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