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You may not work while in Poland unless authorised under Polish law. There is no general exception for work online or work for a foreign organisation. There is however a fairly long list of cases where a work permit is not required. You might benefit from this, eg if you are in Poland as a university student.


To answer your question directly: Yes, you should be authorized to work in the country where you are residing and your prospective's employer question is perfectly legitimate. There is no universal international agreement regarding remote work and Polish law fully applies even to foreign citizens. Beyond that, work may be allowed based on some generic ...


You are a non-EU foreigner living in Poland. If you want to work in Poland, you need a work permit. Whether you are working for a company outside Poland doesn’t matter, you are in Poland and working in Poland. If you are working in Poland already, you better have a work permit. So if the answer about the work authorisation is “no” then you may have been ...


In principle, your two years in Poland should count towards EU long-term residence but the German implementation of these rules seems very messy. That would not be exactly equivalent to a German Niederlassungserlaubnis and doesn't necessarily help you very much in this case. Specifically, article 16 of Directive 2009/50/EC provides that: By way of ...

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