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How do you get a German car registered in Belgium?

Your friend would, in any case, need a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for the vehicle he is purchasing. This is available for every new vehicle sold in the EU since around 1996 and states that the ...
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Is it legal for a German citizen not to deregister (abmelden) when living abroad?

No it is not legal, you are required to deregister (Abmeldung) at least 2 weeks after moving out a registration (Anmeldung) elsewhere within Germany fulfills this requirement A Abmeldung will stop ...
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Do China SAFE regulation take over control of all my vested RSU

I believe it depends on where your job was coded (US or China) when the prior shares vested. Your company's stock plan/compensation administrator should be able to review your grant(s) and internal ...
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I need specific details about ielts test special requirements

The information is under ‘Learning difficulties’ https://www.ielts.org/book-a-test/special-requirements/learning-difficulties There is an online enquiry form you can use to ask for more information eg ...
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