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I may move to the US, but I'm kind of scared of the gun violence

Don’t get fooled by statistics. If you compare the gun violence numbers to the total population, it is still very small, and you will proably never encounter it - I live in the US for 15 years, and I ...
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How to know what you can openly discuss in China?

I like @kaishiro and @ChrisTavers answers, but I'd like to try to directly address your question: in China for example, what is acceptable to say without running afoul of the authorities. In summary,...
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I may move to the US, but I'm kind of scared of the gun violence

I wouldn't worry about it. A substantial majority of those gun murders are criminals killing other criminals and most of the rest are domestic matters--neither of these poses any appreciable threat ...
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Tel Aviv safety, cost of living, etc

Yes, Tel Aviv and Israel is relatively safe for families, as in any other place in the world there are places you don't want to go. Please define Senior Technical Consultant to get a better estimation,...
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Moving to Detroit temporarily?

Most US apartment complexes and other houses for rent requires a 12 month lease. Some also offers a 6 month lease at a higher monthly rent. It is very rare to find a month-to-month lease, and if you ...
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Areas in Philadelphia - Safe?

You have a range of areas. 46th and Market and Grays Ferry are easy commutes to UPenn, the others are not. I haven't lived in Philly, or worked at UPenn, in a decade, but Grays Ferry is most ...
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How can Singaporeans studying in a Western country protect themselves from racist hate crime?

Honestly I don't think this is a realistic world view. I think studying abroad will show you that the world is a much nicer place outside of your country than what the media makes it out to be. That ...
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