You don't have to prove experience for the expression of interest but will have to if invited to officially apply. Here's the official application booklet: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/documents/forms-and-guides/inz1105.pdf See page 10 for specific information about proving work experience.


It is possible to get a residence visa directly. If you have enough points for your Expression of Interest, then you will be offered an invitation to apply. You do not need to have a job offer before applying, but you are expected to be looking for a job. If I remember correctly, there is some initial period of time after you are granted a residence visa ...


Other than already having Canadian PR, being in Canada for 3 years, and pass citizenship exam if required, there are nothing you can convert to citizenship. That said, normal work permit with LMIA will almost guarantee getting the PR. Work permit through GTS is just normal work permit - requiring LMIA - so you should be able to start PR process with that. ...

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