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Whichever one is easier to prove. The most likely criterion for judging which one is easier to prove is the amount of evidence that must be submitted. That in turn will depend on the person's circumstances.


The easiest way is to look at your tax bracket. As a single person with no dependents it should be "Steuerklasse 1" (tax bracket 1). That means the Finanzamt (tax authorities) already got the maximum tax amount directly from your paycheck. If you are "Steuerklasse 1" and your only real income is from your normal employment, you are not ...


For Israeli citizens, the TIN is the Israeli ID number; that's why you've never heard of such a number - there's no different, special number for tax purposes, there's just your ID. For reference, see this formal OECD document. Caveat: If you're a resident of another state, rather than Israel, for tax purposes - you will need to fill the information for that ...


It has not been abolished, it’s part of the 2020 budget. However, with regard to pensions specifically, it has been amended to tax pensions at 10%.

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