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Your mileage may vary, but IELTS is considered the gold standard in Australia. Unlike some of the other tests, it involves freeform writing and talking to an actual human, so it's not possible to brute force rote learn your way through it. If you're a native speaker, you're unlikely to have any significant trouble. I went in cold, with no prep whatsoever, ...


English test score other than IELTS are usually only accepted for student and working holiday visas. 476 is not a student visa. The statement "or another language test and score specified by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection" is confusing at best. In practice the department will accept the OET, but only for specific occupations. Taking the ...


While there is information on the Student Visa that TOEFL is accepted as a substitute for IELTS. The Work visas don't provide similar information. The only reference to the alternatives I was able to find is on the application for class 476 visa itself Item 24 "Language Requirements" contains the following text: You are using International English ...


Unfortunately, having worked in an English speaking country doesn't count towards the Tier 2 visa language requirement. If you don't have a degree from an institution in an English speaking country, you're going to have to produce favourable results from an approved language test.

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