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How can I prove that my parents can support me when I'm studying abroad?

Converting comment to an answer as the comment was upvoted by several people. Open a bank account now and start depositing the house rent there. Many countries don't just want a month's money of ...
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Is the more you prove abroad income earnings the better you get a tax deduction or it's the opposite?

German tax office wants your world wide income to calculate the rate at which you are taxed for your German income. So you will pay more tax the higher your foreign income. On the other hand, not ...
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How to change a marriage visit visa to a spouse visa?

Maybe you can, but I doubt it. You do not in fact meet the requirements of a marriage visitor: when you enter the UK, you will be doing so without any intention to marry. Furthermore, you don't seem ...
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Procedure for exchanging a foreign driving license in Berlin

Having gone through the procedure myself, I can say that the official page linked by Gala is not very accurate. I wrote a detailed post about what the procedure really is. You must know if your ...
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