I only have a few notes for you but it's too long to be a comment. https://web.archive.org/web/20080219161537/http://www.asal.msb.gov.tr/er_islemleri/yurtdisiislemleri_2.htm 38 yaş sınırı içinde bulunanların 5.112 Euro veya karşılığı yabancı ülke parasını, başvuru tarihinden itibaren 38 yaşlarını doldurdukları yılın sonuna kadar peşin veya en çok dört eşit ...


No, this is not the case. Germany will not consider you stateless. In certain circumstances, Germany will tolerate dual citizenship upon nationalization. Some countries don't allow a renunciation at all. Some countries make it very difficult. For 2nd, 3rd generation Turks, court rulings have allowed such exceptions (Military service deemed unreasonable): ...


You will need to be a resident in Spain, as you will need to provide you foreign resident number alongside your passport. Link to the official documentation at gob.es : https://sede.dgt.gob.es/Galerias/tramites-y-multas/tu-coche/matriculacion/08/08-Matriculacion-ordinaria-vehiculos-INGLES-04-04-2016.pdf


As of January 1st, 2015 'unpaid internships' of ANY length are strictly forbidden! (Section 612 para.1)

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