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Is a high school with an Ofsted rating of "requires improvement" or "inadequate" an accredited institution for the purpose of a study visa

To get a Child Student Visa, you must have an unconditional offer of a place on a course with a licensed Child Student sponsor. A relevant webpage seems to be
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Applying for UK Student Visa with a Recent Schengen Ban

As littleadv notes in a comment Trying to lie on a visa application in order to conceal another immigration violation is a great recipe for another ban. If you look around online, you will see that ...
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How can Afghan origin mother with Canadian citizenship legally immigrate to UK to live with daughter with British citizenship?

Q1 Inputting basic details (citizenship, purpose of travel to the UK, immigration status of the family member in the UK) into this tool results in You must usually apply for a family visa. The only ...
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My sister is going through a divorce and needs to move to the USA from the UK but only has an ESTA

Assuming that your sister is a UK citizen and not a US citizen then there is no way for her to move to the States like this. She needs to apply for a long term visa, like everybody else does. Saying ...
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Reentry after visa

Your employer has 10 days from your final work date to inform the Home Office that your employment has ended. Shortly after your employer has informed the Home Office, you will receive a curtailment ...
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When can/should I, an Italian citizen, send an application for the British citizenship?

The wording of documents can be somewhat broad, mainly due to the wide variety of scenarios that make it possible to qualify (or I suppose be disqualified) for citizenship. In your very particular ...
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