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I found the answer here. It's a variable tax rate based on salary in Afgahani, not dollars. | Gross Income | tax rate | |-----------------|------------------| | 0-60,000 | 0% | | 60,000-150,000 | 2% | |150,000-1,200,000| 10% + AFN1800 | | 1,200,000 | 20% + AFN106,800 | Can you file it online? : No


Mark Johnson's answer is essentially correct. The income you're speaking of is not likely to be interest income, but the same principle applies: you can file an amended return. To answer the questions posed in the body of the text: Should I have mentioned that I own stock in the company I work for? Since the tax is an income tax, you do not need to ...


Disclaimer: I have never had to deal with US Taxes. For me, listening to such stories and general reading about this topic is like watching a vampire horror movie on television - knowing that they will never get out of the screen. I do remember statements being made that corrections to an existing tax return can be made. The advice generaly given was ...

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