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No. You have been given some incorrect advice by someone not very knowledgeable (I'm not sure what "immigration office" you have been talking to). A US "visa" (which is a sticker that takes up a whole page of your passport and says "VISA" on it) is solely for entry to the US. A US visa has no relevance to stay in the US, and you ...


Yes, it is fine for you to travel to the US Virgin Islands, as it is within the US immigration system. If you encounter the CBP, you just need to show them that you are staying in the US legally, which you can with your Extension of Stay application receipt (which you should bring with you).


I don't have a detailed answer to the question of getting the documents changed, but I can say that this "FNU" treatment is the US government's standard practice for people who have only a single name. The university may have a standard procedure of duplicating a single name in their database. My university had a different practice: there was a ...


How much time are we allowed to get the H-1B stamped after it being approved for the consular process? Once you are in H-1B status, you need an H-1B visa to enter the US. You can begin your H-1B status in one of two ways. One way is to leave the US, get an H-1B visa in your passport, and return to the US. The other way is to do an in-country change of ...

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