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My B1/B2 visa was revoked in 2017. How do I apply for a H2-B work visa now

The fact that you had a previous visa revoked does not change the process you need to follow to apply for a new visa. It may impact your chances of being approved for that visa, but the process is the ...
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Where can I see the list of all the requirements for the photo for DS-11 (US passport photo)?

I found a complete list of requirements by following this procedure: Go to Click on "Get a U.S. Passport" Under "I need a passport", click "I'm an ...
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How to get a university diploma apostilled from outside the USA and how long will it take to acquire?

The US Departement of State website on educational credentials state : Authentication of American Academic Credentials for Use Abroad U.S. embassies and consulates cannot authenticate diplomas or ...
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Is it practical for a retired U.S. citizen to live part-time outside the U.S. without having a permanent residence in the US?

There's absolutely no law requiring a US citizen to have any permanent residence in the US. You'll need to deal with States' residency rules for things like driving license or voter registration, and ...
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As a Peruvian, can I apply for a USA visitors visa from outside of my home country?

Yes, you can apply outside of your country of residence. See the text below from the US State Dept. : You should schedule an appointment for your visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in ...
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