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Can I apply for a green card without my employer's help?

From what I know, you can only petition yourself for employment-based immigration to the US in the following cases: EB1A (alien of extraordinary ability) (note that EB1B and EB1C cannot self-petition)...
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Can I apply for an F1 visa while I am waiting for my H1B visa sponsorship?

Is it permissible for me to arrive in the U.S. on a F1 visa, and then 'switch' to an H1B visa once my (former) employer files, and successfully sponsors me for an H1B visa? Yes. This is called a &...
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How should I get rid of FNU in my F1- visa at this point, while I already spent an year of my studies with same visa?

The easiest time to get rid of "FNU" is before your first entry to the US. However, some students find themselves in your situation where they've already reached the US and want to get rid ...
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