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Required "The statutes of an association" in Spanish visa

It's the literal meaning. They need the statutes (probably the constituting ones) of the charitable organization, that is, the official rules of the association. The organization should be able to ...
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I am a DV2023 selectee but I excluded a material information in my DS-5501 form for a legimate reason. Will this affect my DD-260 application?

USCIS may well consider the omitted information to be relevant and material. Even though you have neither custody or visitation, those could be changed in the future by a court having jurisdiction. ...
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Philippines work visa: is it up to the company to do the application or can I do it by myself?

No chance of working in PI as an Expat, unless you do digital nomad. Then you can come in on another visa. Those work visas are for multinational companies who have employees from the home country. No ...
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