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Moving back to Germany from Austria but still working in Austria and making previous years in Germany count towards PR

If I move back to Germany, while keeping the Austrian job, do my previous years in Germany count and give me a PR directly? Both § 9 and § 18c use the word seit (since). The English translation is ...
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Am I eligible for a work visa for Hong Kong after overstaying in China?

It may depend on the type of work and the visa class you want to apply for. However typically past immigration law breaches tend at best to count against you and at worst can make you ineligible to ...
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Can you continue to work if J1 waiver is approved and H1B is pending?

My question is can I continue to work for the university if H1B is pending? No. You can only continue working while a H1b application is pending while you're applying for extension, and still working ...
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Apostille for UK Skilled Worker Visa

As far as I can see, there is no apostille requirement. UK Home Office Caseworker guidance states that the certificate must be issued by the relevant authority. You can expect UKVI to check the ...
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