A humble human being, a loving husband, a caring father and a technology geek. I change the people who stop at my desk, from visitors to guests :)

Being a Clean Code Enthusiast, I'm an experienced Software Engineer, Development Lead & Architect with 13+ years of diverse experience of implementation & delivery of Production Grade Platforms/Products/Solutions/Services/Applications based on Microservices Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture & Resource Oriented Architecture.

The experience of these implementations is mostly derived from Client Expectations, Business & Technical Requirements, Business Continuity, Business & Process Transformations, System Migrations, Next Generation System Implementation, Competitive Factors and New Ideas & Trends. I have wide range of expertise and experience in:

  • Devising Team wise Core Priorities & KPI’s
  • Coordination & Communication with Cross-functional Engineering Teams
  • Devising/Improving Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment, Monitoring & Testing Processes
  • Devising/Improving Product & Technical Roadmaps and Architectural Landscape.
  • Evaluating IaaS, PaaS & SaaS based Cloud Landscape like Public Clouds e.g. Azure, Google, AWS and Private Clouds & Hybrid Cloud.
  • Devising/Improving Infrastructure Landscape w.r.t System, DevOps & Infrastructural Architecture
  • Application Architecture & Design and Development Design
  • Leading Team, Task Planning & Management, Task Tracking & Execution
  • Development Strategy, Technology Stack, Coding Standards & Guidelines
  • Testing Strategy & Execution Planning
  • Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment Strategy
  • System Error Reporting Mechanism, Outage Reporting & Recovery Mechanism
  • Data Management, Scalability Strategy, Capacity Management & Planning
  • Resilience, Security, Load & Performance Profiling & Testing Strategy

I regard Martin Fowler and Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin ) as my mentor.

I like music of genre: Jazz, Retro, Instrumental, Crossover, New-age, Ambient, Trance (chill, dream) & Punjabi Folk. Movies of genre: Mystery & Suspense, Adventure, War Strategy & World Wars from Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Irani & French Cinema.

Learning new languages is and was always my passion, which has led me to study German & Japanese in irregular periods in recent years.

I love sport, although nowadays I'm unable to practice but you will always find me ready to watch a game of Cricket, Badminton and lot of Football.

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