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Richard Chambers
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Currently working on learning microcontrollers and Internet of Things technologies. Working with DragonBoard 410C (Android), ESP32, Raspberry Pi 3B (Raspbian and Windows 10 IoT Core), and Arduino Uno devices.

I submit articles to from time to time,

Lead developer for a point of sale application owned by Georgia Southern University written in C and C++ for the Windows operating system and licensed to NCR Corporation and other resellers.

Using software technologies such as COM objects/controls, SQL Server and SQLite, with both TCP and UDP networking protocols transporting both binary proprietary and XML messages in a multi-threaded application, maintain and improve a point of sale application.

The point of sale application supports multiple languages for the user interface which can be modified using a screen layout application for screen design. In addition the application provides a macro facility and hundreds of parameters governing taxing, tenders, etc. providing flexibility for a wide variety of point of sale applications.

Previous to this position, I worked for Nortel Networks as a software developer (C and Unix as well as C++ and Windows) and as a program manager.

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