Shivam Goyal

I have a proven track record in technology. From being a tech-enthusiast at the age of 11 to this age of 20, I've got a lot of experience & expertise in various technical paradigms.

My main focus is currently on Full Stack Development, more on the App Development side. I've also successfully completed an internship in summer 2019 as an ML & Flutter Developer in Enappd, app template store with the world's largest inventory located in Bengaluru.

Previously, I've worked on Machine Learning & Computer Vision, and have also created some really cool stuff available open-sourced on GitHub. Also, my team won the overall first prize in ELC organized by Thapar Institute in April 2019 by deploying a deep neural net for hand gesture recognition.

In the field of Competitive Programming, I've cracked Google HashCode 2019 by ranking All India 33 in Qualifiers and 8th in North India.

I also find ample interest in Hacking & manipulation, which led to my picoCTF 2018 Global rank 1442 and 3rd position in the Punjab region.

How I started my programming career?

I was 11 when I hardcoded my first personal website, using basic HTML & CSS.

How I advanced thru?

Being interested in technology, I started exploring new paradigms around me. I started learning new programming stuff & kept experimenting. I just felt coding like my late-night breakfast.

What did I learn midway?

As time flew, I got a lot of experience in various programming languages and frameworks including but not limited to Flutter, Firebase, C / C++, Markdown, Git VCS, Scratch, PHP & JavaScript. Currently, I feel confident while saying that I'm comfortable working with any of the mentioned languages.

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