Pronouns: They/them

Former trainee teacher, forced out due to my political beliefs, now roaming the internet righting wrongs, helping people, and arguing with mods.

If you're here about my stance on mod closure, I am against it. A reopen accompanied by that comment does not necessarily mean believe the post shouldn't have been closed, that I don't intend to VTC immediately if it is reopened, or that I didn't VTC in the first place.

Proudly banned from:

  • Skeptics (Intending to run for moderator without permission)
  • Politics (Standing up to the right-wing bias of the site. Seriously, that was in the ban message.)
  • Meta ("[asking about Stack Exchange] is not welcome here")
  • Area51 (No reason given...)

Previously banned from:

  • Travel (pointing out facts)
  • Meta (suggesting that mods shouldn't be able to use bans to control elections)
  • Workplace (Enquiring about rules)
  • Arqade (Disagreeing with a mod)
  • Chat (Thoughtcrime)
  • Law (but got unbanned)


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