I have permanent residency in Singapore.

Yesterday, I had to go overseas to visit my family. At airport immigration, the official told me my re-entrance permit expired two weeks ago. The official said that f I leave, my PR will be canceled immediately. However, I can re-apply for PR again soon after I return to Singapore. Due to urgent family matters, I didn't think carefully and left Singapore.

After I arrived and re-united with my family, I thought about everything that is affected if I don't have my PR: my job, my HDB, bank loan, my insurance...

Is it easy to get approval to get my PR back? Usually how long will it take? During this period before approval, can I continue my work, or will I have to stop my job?

I have stayed and worked in Singapore for about 15 years. All the while my husband applied for me and my daughter's PR and re-entrance permits. Until yesterday, it is the first time I heard and knew that PR need a re-entrance permit. It even shocked me that he renewed himself and our daughter re- entrance permits but did not do mine.



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