I have worked in Paris from Jan to Aug (8 months total - French company) before moving back to London this September.

I know you can pay your taxes online if you have registered in person the first time, but since this will be my first time paying tax in France I cannot do that. And since I am not a resident anymore, I won't be able to go in person to my local office next June to do the registration.

What do I need to do? I do not speak French so I cannot find any information!

Additional information:

  • I am an Italian national (but I have never accrued a salary in Italy, always in the UK).

  • I do not have a Carte Vitale: I have applied for it in January and nothing has arrived since then.

  • I do not speak French - which I know will make this process a lot more difficult!

Any help would be appreciated. I obviously want to pay my tax to avoid any issues in the future, but I also hope I won't have to go through hell to get this done - my 8 months there made me lose any hope in French bureaucracy!



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