The New Zealand general election is on September 23rd this year. What are the requirements for a NZ citizen living overseas to be eligible to vote in the NZ election?


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I sent the same question to "I Vote NZ" (The official NZ Government Elections Facebook page) on facebook a week or two ago.

My question:

Are we eligible to vote while living outside of NZ? If so, how do we actually vote?

Their response:

Yes - as long as you're NZ citizens, over 18, and have been back to NZ within the past 3 years, then you're eligible. You can either download and print voting papers from our website, vote in person at an overseas post, or apply for a postal vote. More information about all these options is here: Voting from overseas

You're also eligible if you're NZ permanent residents who have been back to NZ in the last 12 months

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