My French bank (Caisse d'Epargne Île de France) wants me to call them at 3241. I'm currently in the United States. How can I reach such a phone number from the US?

(Assume that the bank doesn't have a 10-digit French phone number, in which case I could just add +33 and remove the 0)


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Copying an interesting idea from the comments:

I think your best bet might be to subscribe to the service of a French VoIP provider so that the call originates into the French phone network as a domestic call. I don't think it is possible to dial those numbers from an international phone. – Dennis ↵ 41 mins ago


It will depend on the carriers your network uses but if they support it just dial +333241 unfortunately if they don't support it, it will dot connect. I'm afraid there is no work around for this. A French voip termination may work, but again this will depend on their carriers and routing

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