I am an Australian-born UK citizen by descent, through my mother. I will be moving to the UK in March but working for an Australian company for at least six months.

The uk gov website says that I am automatically resident, I am assuming for tax purposes, after either living in a place for 91 days or remaining inside the country for 183.

There are a few things I am confused about:

  1. Does this apply to citizens like myself?
  2. What does this mean for getting a driving license?
  3. Am I automatically a resident under some other classification?
  4. Most importantly: I know Aus/UK have a double tax treaty but I can't interpret the legal speak. After the 91 days do I get taxed by both governments? Will I have to wait until the end of the tax year to get a refund? Or do I only start paying taxes to the UK?

Also, do I simply submit another Australian tax declaration form at the 91/183 days to declare myself as 'not a resident for tax purposes' ?

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