I have reserached my path for Italian citizenship Jure sanguinis, and have discovered that my great-grandparents (who were born in Italy) were never legally married. My grandfather, their child, was listed as "son" on his father's Naturalization certificate (naturalized after my grandfather was born, so OK there) and my great-grandmother was listed as "wife" on it. Same thing on US decennial census documents - wife and son. So my grandfather was recognized by his father as a legitimate son. Will I have a problem with my application? I do have a "marriage license" for them (from 1918, so after my GF was born) but an actual marriage was never recorded, even if a ceremony was performed. I have searched the church records too.

My grandmother was born in Italy, but my father was born before 1948 so I think that path does not work.

I do not want to go down an expensive legal path. Please provide any advice you may have.


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