I am Malay but some Chinese and Indian friends also consider studying overseas.

We heard racist hate crimes are common in the West, like Indian students killed in Australia, shooting blacks in the USA and attacks on Muslims in Europe. Our literature text by David Hare shows British assault Indians. Even worse is attacking Chinese mistaken for Japanese or Sikhs mistaken for Muslims.

In Singapore, general crime rate is low and we are taught how to protect from crimes. Every country has racism but in Singapore it is milder than the West and hate crimes almost never happen here.

Of course tourists and international students also crime targets for non racist reasons. Advice on this is also welcome since how to protect from crimes in Singapore may not work overseas.

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Honestly I don't think this is a realistic world view. I think studying abroad will show you that the world is a much nicer place outside of your country than what the media makes it out to be. That pretty much goes for all places on the world. Sure, things happen but the odds of it happening to you are incredibly low.

Source: personal experience after traveling in 5 continents. But it's not hard to do the statistics lookup yourself.

  • The most dangerous thing you can do abroad is to show fear and the expectation of crime. People tend to behave corresponding to your expectations. Your attitude may have very well helped you.
    – gnasher729
    Commented Nov 22, 2015 at 18:48

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